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The silos that contribute to the impunity of terrorists for human trafficking offences in conflict zones : the phenomenon, the reasons and the need for a better strategy


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De Moura, Victor (2021). The silos that contribute to the impunity of terrorists for human trafficking offences in conflict zones : the phenomenon, the reasons and the need for a better strategy. Mémoire. École nationale d'administration publique (ENAP), 109 p.

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There is a strong belief that international partners struggle to deal with the phenomenon of the crossover between human trafficking and terrorism. Many situational factors will be raised in this paper that will highlight the difficulties of this colossal task of prosecuting terrorists for human trafficking offences; but to an extent, we will conclude that it is possible, when the right people are in the right place and the common goal is the end goal. This paper examined and in my modest opinion validated the theory that working in silos has greatly hampered the ability for national and international stakeholders to tackle cases where human trafficking was overtly committed by terrorists in conflict zones. Undeniably, human trafficking offences were bluntly ignored in detriment of terrorist offences, which brings an overwhelming sense of impunity for those who committed the offences and an overwhelming sense of injustice to the victims of such cruel actions. Terrorism should not be fought as a single offence, whereas the terror caused under the umbrella of such actions leaves behind far more pain and suffering. Such an approach of seeking or pursuing personal or organizational mandates or objectives, singularly focused, contributes to the impunity of perpetrators and an unfair outcome for those who trust our human-made laws, whether they be national or international. Our siloed approaches do not serve the common purpose of defending and upholding what is human dignity and constitutes our basic human rights; these silos must be flexible or otherwise fall.

Type de document: Thèse (Mémoire)
Notes publiques: Sous la direction du professeur Stéphane Roussel. Mémoire présenté à l'École nationale d'administration publique dans le cadre du programme de Maîtrise en administration publique pour l'obtention du grade de Maître ès science (M.Sc.). M.Sc. École nationale d'administration publique, 2021. Comprend des références bibliographiques (pages 96-109). Comprend un résumé en anglais.
Mots-clés: Traite des être humains; Organisations terroristes; Crimes contre l'humanité; Coopération internationale; Communication organisationnelle; Mémoire; ENAP; THESEUQ; MEME; Thèses et écrits académiques;
Programme: Maîtrise en administration publique,profil avec recherche (M.Sc.)
Déposé par: Julie Hardy
Date de dépôt: 14 juill. 2021 14:49
Dernière modification: 14 juill. 2021 18:16
URI: https://espace.enap.ca/id/eprint/267

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